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About us

Both Cherry and Kim started their journey as buyers in the fashion industry; working their way up through different corporations, until crossing paths in 2013.  While sharing a small office, they quickly learned they had much in common. Not only did they each have an incredible sense of humor, but both dreamed of one day owning their own store.  Amidst actual work (and hilarious jokes of course), they discussed their ideas for their individual boutiques, not realizing it would soon come to fruition. 

The two left the company, but stayed in close contact.  Then one day over just about the best pesto cauliflower two girls could ask for, Roam.e, Inc. was born.  They knew with their vendor relationships and knowledge of the industry, they'd be able to hit the ground running. The only problem was picking a location. Here in Los Angeles, there are so many different places to thrive; it's hard to pick just one. So they decided, why choose one when we can have it all! Mobile was the only way to go. Being able to bring the store to the customer was a benefit not many could offer.  And being a part of multiple communities without being tied to a specific address opened so many avenues (pun intended). 

Over the next few months, with the help of just about everyone they knew, the truck was repurposed to become their dream store. Their grand opening was just in time for the last minute holiday shoppers of 2015.  Ever evolving, the girls continue to bring their customer fresh, new pieces each and every week. Slowly making their way to becoming your one stop shop.