About Us

Shop owners, Cherry and Kim, started their journey as buyers in the fashion industry; working their way up through different corporations, until crossing paths in 2013.  While sharing a small office, they quickly learned they had much in common. Not only did they each have an incredible sense of humor, but both dreamed of one day owning their own store.  Amidst actual work (and hilarious jokes of course), they discussed their ideas for their individual boutiques, not realizing it would soon come to fruition. Then one day over just about the best pesto cauliflower two girls could ask for, Roam.e, Inc. was born.
Roam.e began as a mobile business (est. 2015) bringing their "mobile" shop to local farmers markets before opening their first brick and mortar location in La Canada in 2017. With their connections in the fashion industry and local vendor relationships made during their years selling at farmers markets, Cherry and Kim have created a boutique that offers truly "one of a kind" finds and a shopping experience curated for their shoppers.
"We choose to do business with local vendors because we believe in shared success with small businesses"
Today, Roam.e Boutique has made its home in the heart of Old Town La Quinta. Cherry (now solo) prides her business on being more than a retail store, but a boutique reflective of the lifestyles and values of their community of shoppers.